Overview Of Medical Research Bulletin

Overview Of Medical Research Bulletin

Journal title:

Medical Research Bulletin: Georgian Research Ecosystem - Innovate and Create

Why this research bulletin?

Worldwide, a doctor's educational basis is their undergraduate medical education. Approximately 90,825 MBBS seats are available at 605 Indian medical institutions, according to website updates from the National Medical Commission (NMC) as of 7th March 2022. (National Medical Commission, 2022). After finishing their MBBS course, the majority of MBBS students intend to continue higher study (post-graduation and super-specialization). Many MBBS students choose to study overseas to receive in-depth training in a particular discipline. Other recent medical school grads have a propensity towards academic medicine and research. All of these tendencies and interests call for a research-oriented mindset because all of these medical areas depend heavily on research. However, in the majority of the nation's medical institutions, medical graduates lack research understanding and direction. This research bulletin will encourage the undergraduate as well as postgraduate medical / dental / paramedical students to

Develop / Enhance their understanding about research

Develop / Enhance the scientific writing skills

Develop / Enhance the skills to critically review a scientific article

Facilitate the editorial skills

Develop leadership qualities in the field of medical research

Additionally, this process will facilitate mentoring to the students, who are inclined towards research.This research bulletin will be published online, every four monthly. It will be freely available. There will not be any submission or publication fees.

What this research bulletin will contain?

This research bulletin will contain small articles related to latest developments in medical science, impactful research works that have significant practice implications. Additionally, the bulletin will also include articles about researchers / Alumni of KGMU, who contributed significantly to medical teaching and research.

Reference style: NLM (National Library of Medicine) style of reference

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK7256/

Authorship criteria:

A student will be a lead author of the article. The student writing the article, need to have a faculty mentor (form any department of King George�s Medical University, Lucknow, U.P). The faculty mentor will be the last (second / Third) author and corresponding author. An article may have up to two student authors and one faculty author. If, two students contribute to the article, student with more contribution will be the lead author, followed by the second student as author. The faculty member will be the third author. Always, the faculty mentor will be the corresponding author.

Submission Procedure:

All submission should be mailed to the Editor-in Chief through E-mail.
Submission mail: editormrb@kgmcindia.edu
Submission document: The manuscript to be submitted as a single document containing:

Covering Letter

Title page (mentioning the article type, Author’s details, Corresponding author)

Manuscript:Manuscript should be typed in TIMES NEW ROMAN font style with 12 font size, with double line spacing

Similarity index of more than 10% will not be considered.

Frequency of publication:

This research bulletin will be published at every four months and will be readily available at the KGMU website for public access.

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