Faculty of Pharmacy

Conceptualized as Pharmacy College Saifai, in the year 2015, the institute was the first Pharmacy College in Uttar Pradesh, India. Later in June 2016, with the establishment of Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences, Saifai, the college was designated as the Faculty of Pharmacy of Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences, Saifai, Etawah. The Faculty of Pharmacy functions in accordance to the guidelines and norms provided by Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi. The candidates, who wish to become a part of it, will be selected based on CPPNET entrance examination to pursue B. Pharmacy course.

The institute imparts Pharmacy education and prepares high-achieving candidates to excel in their chosen careers through state of-the-art laboratories, knowledgeable faculty members; and a diverse, engaging learning environment adapting to ever-changing health care challenges. The faculty provides professional and graduate education focusing on academic excellence. Students are given the opportunity to prepare, practice, and perform skills through active learning in and out of the classroom. Whether the graduate aims to become a pharmaceutical industry or legislative expert, clinical pharmacist, researcher, academician, the institute provides an edge to be a professional leader. Pharmacy is a gratifying, rewarding, dynamic profession that provides ample opportunities for innovation, discovery, advocacy and the delivery of patient care.

Mission :

Imparting quality education in the areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Promotion of innovative and translation research.

National/ international collaborative research and linkages.

Study of national/ international pharmaceutical policy issues.

Collaboration with pharma industries to meet the global challenges.

Creation of specialized centres to cater to the needs of pharmaceutical industries and other research and teaching institutes.

Conducting programmes on drug surveillance including study of sociological aspects of drug 'use and abuse'.

Community pharmacy and pharmaceutical management.

Continuing education programme.

Objectives :

The main objectives of the Institute are :

Toning up the level of pharmaceutical education and research by training the future teachers, research scientists and managers for the industry and profession.

Continuing education programmes

Creation of National Centres to cater to the needs of pharmaceutical industries and other research and teaching institutes

Collaboration with Indian industries to meet the global challenges

National/International collaborative research

Curriculum and media development

Study of sociological aspects of drug 'use and abuse', and rural pharmacy, etc

Conducting programmes on drug surveillance, community pharmacy and pharmaceutical management