Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences

Saifai Etawah UP-206130

Plastic Surgery Department


The department of Plastic Surgery, UPUMS, Saifai is committed in providing comprehensive patient care with utmost dedication and catering to all the underprivileged patients presenting from near and far. The department in addition to its extensive routine surgeries works in collaboration with various other departments such as Trauma and Emrgency, Neurosurgery, Oncosurgery, Orthopedic surgery, etc.

The department runs OPD on Tuesday and Friday, has dedicated and well equipped operation theatre along with indoor ward and acute burn care facility with dedicated burn ward having 19 beds. The department offers comprehensive plastic surgery including craniofacial surgery, post burn reconstruction, oncoplastic reconstruction, aesthetic surgery and other congenital anomalies like cleft lip, cleft palate, congenital hand deformities.


Sl.No. Name Designation Phone No E-mail id Resume
1. Dr. Shammi Porwar Associate Professor +91-9450176222,
shammi_purwar@rediffmail.com View
2. Dr. Atul Saxena Associate Professor +91-8279756375 atul.plasticsx@gmail.com View