Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences

Saifai Etawah UP-206130

Physiology Department

The department of Physiology at UP RIMS& R, Saifai, Etawah, is as old as the Institution. The Department is having 1 MD Physiology seat permitted by MCI under Kanpur University. Presently the department is headed by Professor Dr. SK Sant.

Research and Development Activity

The department has published 19 research papers in the last 3 years in various national and international journals. The list is given below:

  1. SK Sant, ANG Hyder and Anurag Yadav “ MUSCLE METABOLIC SYSTEMS”, Golden Research, Thought, Volume No.-4,Issue-6,Dec. 2014)
  2. SK Sant, ANG Hyder “ Blood Pressure measurement and its regulation” IJHSR, Volume-4, Issue-10, Oct.2014.
  3. SK Sant, ANG Hyder, “ Lung function are compromised in glass bangle factory workers” Golden Research, Thought, volume no.-4, Issue-2, August. 2014)
  4. S.K. Sant, A.K. Singh etal “ Astudy on Pulmonary Function tests in Bangle workers of a district of central Uttar Pradesh, India” Indian Journal Community Health, Volume No. 26, Issue-01, January, March, 2014.
  5. S.Bhunia, “Arterial stiffness and other noninvasive vascular functions in healthy individuals and diseases” XXVIth Annual national conference of the Physiological society of india, 2014
  6. S.Bhunia, Nitesh Kumar Tripathi, “ A comparative analysis of Non-invasive Cardiovascular Function in Proficient and Non-proficient Healthy” Inter National Journal of Physiology, Volume No. – 1, No.-2, July-Dec. 2013
  7. Amit Kant Singh, etal “Can High W-6/w-3 Fatty Acid Ratio in The tissues Predispose Infertility” Jan Fedacko etal, The open Nutraceuticals Journal, 2011,4,156-162.
  8. Amit Kant Singh etal “ Spirometry A usefull tool for Early detection of small airway obstruction in somers” Review of Research, Volume-3, Issue-9, June 2014.
  9. Amit Kant Singh etal “ Research and reviews: Journal of Medical and health sciences” RRJMHS, Volume-3,Issue-3,July-Sept., 2014.
  10. Amit Kant Singh etal “ High Blood Pressure: How does in affect male fertility potential” Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy & Physiology, Volume-1, Oct.2014.