Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences

Saifai Etawah UP-206130

Pharmacology Department

Department of Pharmacology is actively involved in training 2nd Prof. MBBS students in rational use of medicines and study of the effects of drugs on the function of living systems. Medical pharmacology is the amalgamation of basic pharmacology with Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmaco-therapeutic. Pharmacology is highly dynamic and evolving science with greater emphasis on defining new molecular targets for drug action as well as accumulating evidences to truly decipher impact of such approach on therapeutic outcome both in terms of efficacy and safety.

The theoretical aspects are supplemented by technological innovations in teaching pharmacology. The Department of Pharmacology has Electronic laboratory with full infrastructure, software and hardware in place for training MBBS students.

Emphasis is given on clinical relevance of pharmacology. Bedside teaching for Monitoring drug use and reporting Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) is also done as part of curriculum. The Department is committed to provide best quality and clinically oriented information to MBBS students to make them rational prescribers.

The department of Pharmacology is shortly going to establish drug and poisoning centre which will provide round-the-clock information at the state level and lab services on various aspects of poisoning to the clinician in diagnosing and managing cases of poisoning. It will also serve as TDM centre for few drugs and hormones such as Vit. D3, Steroids, Androgen, Estrogens, Antiepileptic, & Narcoleptics etc.

The deptt. Of Pharmacology is focusing on clinical pharmacology services to the hospital as per vision 2015 of MCI.
This includes:

  • Essential Medicine Concept and formulary for prescribers.
  • Promotion of Rational Use of Drugs, P-drug concept & Evidence based medicine.
  • Antibiotic Policy for optimal use of Antibiotics.
  • Input to clinicians in better diagnosis and management of various diseases.
  • Checking of Spurious drugs.


Undergraduate Training
  • The teaching of undergraduates has undergone a significant change in its content in the Pharmacology curriculum in the current year. Several topics of Clinical Pharmacology have been introduced in the form of lecture/group discussions & integrated mini symposia. Such topics include: Management of systemic fungal infections, management of HIV & opportunistic infections, Drug Development- Practical Approach, Environmental Pharmacology, H5N1 infections & opportunistic infections. Management of osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus, peptic ulcers, & bronchial asthma.
  • A novel method of assessment of undergraduate students has been introduced in the form of group discussions during mid & end semester examinations.
  • The interactive discussions on clinical aspects & applied pharmacology with undergraduate students have also been started and the feedback has been enormous.
  • The conventional practical classes of pharmacy have been replaced with demonstration & group discussion on marketed pharmaceutical products, new drug delivery systems, prescription audit, drug interaction exercises etc.
  • Animal experimentation (isolated tissue experiments) have been minimised in the form of demonstration only. These have been replaced with computer simulated exercises.
  • Few PBL and integrated teaching is held in collaboration with other departments including Medicine and Pediatrics.

Postgraduate Training

  • In order to meet the appropriately trained human resource to meet the requirements of the academic & research institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory bodies, and also in the area of scientific writing, several initiatives have been taken in the training of MD students.
  • Lectures from experts including Guest lectures/Invited talks are organised in the department on contemporary topics. Several interactive Mini Symposia, in collaboration with clinician, are also organised on important topics such as Strategic Approach for Biomarkers in Drug Development, Phase II & III clinical trials, Pharmacoepidemiology, & Complex Diseases, and Toxicogenomics.

Facilities and Services

  • Pharmacy practical laboratory.
  • Experimental Pharmacology Laboratory with 50 computers.
  • Clinical Pharmacology laboratory with different types of equipments.
  • Well equipped Research laboratory.
  • The Department has been approved as ADR Monitoring Centre (AMC) by Indian Pharmacopeia Commission and is actively reporting ADR to National Centre.
  • Department of Pharmacology is actively involved in managing hospital pharmacy and Prescription audit.
  • Administrative support is being provided actively for smooth running of the institute as and when required.