Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences

Saifai Etawah UP-206130

Microbiology Department

(iii) Parasitology:

Staining for Malaria, Microfilaria & other common parasites available including automatic method e.g. QBC for malaria.

Routine microscopy of stool for parasites.

Occult blood.

Serology for malaria & microfilaria.

(iv) Mycobacteriology:

Culture facilities available by conventional & BacT Alert – 3D system.

Staining & identification by Zeihl Neelsen & fluorescent microscopy.

Molecular detection & identification of mycobacteria by Real Time PCR system.

Slit skin smear for leprosy.

(v) Mycology:

Culture of common fungi available by conventional methods.

Staining by KOH, Indian Ink & LPCB available.

(vi) P – 2 Lab:

State of the art laboratory with biosafety level – 2 facilities for handling & processing hazardous and highly contagious viral and bacterial agents.

Equipped with ultra modern instrumentation like Biosafety cabinet – Type III, Automated DNA Extraction, Ultra centrifuge, Real Time PCR, Gel Doc System, Inverted Microscope.

Automatic air shower for decontamination of accidental exposures along with no touch hand wash system.

(vii) ICMR funded Viral Research and Diagnostic Lab :

Department has been sanctioned Medical College level Viral Research and Diagnostic Lab which is funded by ICMR to facilitate viral diagnostics and research in this rural area and help the poor and needy patients.