Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences

Saifai Etawah UP-206130

Emergency & Trauma Care Technique


Department of Emergency & Trauma Care technique offering the 2 years Diploma in Emergency & Trauma Care technique programme. After successfully completion of this course the candidate has very big responsibility in Emergency Medical Services field. In this modernization and sedentary life style numbers of Accidental Cases are increasing rapidly. Todays, there are lots of facilities and equipment’s are available to manage accidental and emergency patients but it is also true that there is lack of qualified and trained staff. This Emergency & Trauma Care technique programme gives an opportunity to youngsters to acquire a diploma where they learn about Medical Emergencies, accidental emergencies, ECG, Ventilator, Emergency Procedure, and cardiac cases. This an integrated paramedic training program catered by Department of Emergency and Trauma Care Technology (Trauma Care Management ) Affiliated from UP State Medical Faculty Lucknow. This department introduced in the UPUMS (formerly UPRIMS) in the year 2012. Program is offered under the banner of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. Intake Capacity 30 Students per year.


Sl.No. Lecture Hall / Demonstration Lab
1 The Department has one Lecture Hall with all necessary Teaching Aids
2 One Demonstration Lab with All necessary Teaching Aids.

Service Being Offered:

  • The department teaches the students on how to perform Emergency resuscitation, stabilization, the disaster Management, how to respond an event of Mass Casualty Incident and transfer of critically ill patients.
  • It also teaches them Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, First Aid, Basic Nursing, CSSD, BMW, Medicine (Relevant to ETCT Technician) Surgery (Relevant ETCT Technician), ENT and Gynaecological conditions (As per syllabus provided by UP State Medical Faculty, Lucknow).
  • It also teaches them BLS, ACLS etc.
  • An active clinical learning environment for paramedic training program with an speciality of the following
  • An active clinical learning environment for paramedic training program with an speciality of the following
    • Theoretical Classes.
    • Pre Hospital Management ( Medical, Trauma, Environmental, Behavioural emergencies etc.)
    • Didactic sessions – Power point presentations, Interactive Lectures.
    • Practical sessions – Skills Lab, Hands on Training.
    • Clinical Postings – Ward visit, ICUs , Emergency Room, Labor and Surgical Units.
    • Case scenario based discussion.
    • Regular Assessment & Evaluation.

Faculty in Department:

Sl.No. Name Designation Resume
1 Mr. Virendra Singh Demonstrator View